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3D application of sequins


Affixing fleece padding


Application of tubes and beads in a row


Apply muslin with riche stitch

Applying a ribbon upright and wound

Applying assembled roses

Applying bead eruptions

Applying beads

Applying beads and coral

Applying beads and sequins in a river

Applying beads and tubes in continuous and discontinuous lines

Applying beads and tubes in continuous and discontinuous lines, drawn stitch and cassé techniques

Applying beads in a pattern and randomly

Applying beads in irregular patterns

Applying beads, sequins and bursts

Applying braid

Applying braid or raffia in back-and-forth or coiled

Applying bursts

Applying cabochons

Applying cabochons, different rhodoïd motif shapes, spheres and éclat beading

Applying coiled ribbon

Applying cup sequins and sequins in a river

Applying fabrics and leather

Applying faceted sequins and tubes “in a river”

Applying fancy beads

Applying fancy braid

Applying fancy braid and ribbon

Applying fancy spheres

Applying faux fur

Applying flowers

Applying flowers and ornaments

Applying flowers, petals, leaves, pistils and beads

Applying four different purls

Applying gold fabric

Applying jewellery

Applying jewellery, short & long and encroaching satin stitch

Applying lace

Applying leather

Applying muslin

Applying pierced bursts

Applying plastic plaques

Applying satin

Applying satin fleece

Applying sequins “in a river”

Applying sequins and tubes

Applying sequins in relief

Applying sequins upright

Applying sequins with relief effect

Applying silk muslin

Applying silk ribbons

Applying spheres and flowers

Applying strip

Applying tubes

Applying tubes in dimensional hump

Applying tubes, beads and sequins on opaque fabric

Applying twisted braid

Applying upright braid

Applying vermicelli and beads in a row

Applying vermicelli beads and sequins

Applying weights

Applying wings embroidered in silk and sequins sewn in relief

Applying wire and curlers

Assembly of the embroidery frame


Barring stitch

Bead bridging

Bead filling

Bead tight backstitch

Beginning stitch

Beginning thread

Blanket stitch

Boulogne stitch



Braid in back-and-forth

Bullion knot

Bullion stitch

Bullion stitch in cotton floss


Cassé application

Cassé beading

Cassé tube drawn stitch

Catch stitch

Chain stitch

Chain stitch filling

Chain stitch filling on back side

Chenille and cotton flat stitch

Chenille applied in Boulogne stitch

Chenille fastened by Boulogne-style drawn stitch

Chenille fastened by drawn couching type stitch

Chenille flat stitch

Classic front-side chain stitch filling

Continuous and discontinuous beading

Cotton padding

Cotton padding with the Boulogne stitch

Creased leather

Creating flowers in relief

Creating flowers in relief, lacing, braid or strip in back-and-forth

Creating various flowers and bows in relief

Creation of a muslin flower

Creation of various three-dimensional flowers and bows

Cross stitch

Cup sequin and beads embellishment

Cup sequin application with empty stitch in between

Cup sequin Madeira embroidery

Cutting the cardboard stuffing with the cutting die


Daisy stitch with silk

Dimensional hump application


Double vermicelli of sequins and cup sequins

Drawn stitch

Drawn stitch in silk, back-and-forth

Drawn stitch of tubes

Drawn stitch with cotton thread

Drawn stitching in silk

Drop stitch


Eclat beading puce work

Eclat beading, cabochons and tassels

Eclat beading, puce and Madeira technique


Embroidery frame

Encroaching drawn stitch

Encroaching satin stitch

Encroaching stitch in silk on organza and muslin

Ending thread

English brick-style sequin application

English-style application


Fancy braid

Fancy chain stitch filling on back side

Fancy chain stitch filling on front side with drawn stitch with directional changes

Fancy lines of beads superimposed on sequins

Feather stitch

Feather work


Filling in with a reverse chain stitch

Final dressing

Flat stitch

Flat stitch on padding

Flat stitch on pearl cotton padding

Fleece padding

Folded stitch

French knot


Gathered ribbon

German knot stitch or Palestrina stitch


Half stitch

Hemfolding technique

Hemfolding technique and leaf lining

Herringbone stitch


Introduction to the tight backstitch

Inverted sprat’s head stitch

Ironing silk


Joining sequins


Knots in a row

Knotted stitch in cotton floss and chenille thread


Lace placement

Lazy daisy stitch

Line of discontinuous beads

Lines of micro tubes

Lines of tubes

Lines of tubes and beads

Lines of tubes, beads and sequins

Lunéville hook

Lunéville hook braid application


Making a rose in muslin and tulle

Marquise beading, jewels, seed beads and assembled roses

Metal lama in back-and-forth

Metal, plastic and raffia strip, lacing in back-and-forth


Mounting upright braid, in back-and-forth and coiled

Mousse (double vermicelli beading & sequins)

Mousse stitch





Padding cotton “à l’épargne”

Padding with inlay fabric and braid

Place fiber previously embroidered with sequins

Placement of cup sequins, tubes, sequins, beads

Placement of gems and bursts

Placing a bourdon using the Boulogne stitch

Placing a trim maintained with a zigzag

Placing cabochons and spheres

Placing crushed ribbon

Placing crushed tulle

Placing cup sequins on a strip of fibre

Placing metal lace in relief

Placing motifs cut in candle

Placing rhodoïd motifs

Placing sequins and cup sequins, back-and-forth

Placing sequins and tubes in back-and-forth

Placing trefoil sequins with an empty stitch

Placing tubes and spheres discontinuously


Pleated ribbon


Raffia and coiled ribbon

Re-applying embroidered leaves in relief

Retracing a drawing using chain stitch

Retracing the drawing

Rhodes half stitch

Ribbon pleating technique

Ribbon stitch

Riche stitch

River application


Satin stitch on padding

Scale stitch

Scattered painting for light final touches

Sequin eruption

Sequin river work

Sequin work in back-and-forth

Sequinned scaling

Sequins in river work in dimensional hump

Sequins in river work in dimensional hump, back-and-forth and scaling

Setting up the spindle

Sewing twisted braids and cotton grains

Sewn in relief

Short & long stitch

Short & long stitch with precious metal effect thread

Silk filling on back side

Silk French knot

Silk knot

Silk riche stitch

Silk thread bullion stitch

Silk tight backstitch

Spider stitch

Standing braid

Start stitch

Stem stitch

Straight satin stitch in silk thread

Straight stitch

Straight stitch

Stretched leather

Sugar (double vermicelli beading)

Sugar stitch


Taut and creased leather techniques

Taut leather

Taut thread embroidery à l’épargne

Thread crumple work

Tight backstitch with silk cord and scale application of sequins

Tight backstitching of tubes and beads on padding and flat

Tight trimmed vermicelli of beads and sequins

Trimmed satin stitch in complex forms

Tube filling

Tubes and sequins filling in back-and-forth (regular, irregular or shaped)

Tubes with tight backstitch




Vermicelli beading

Vermicelli of micro tubes

Vermicelli sequin application


Whipped raised spider’s wheel

Working drawn stitch with silk

Working in relief

Working wool with the Boulogne stitch