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Specialisation Courses Home

Upholstery specialisation – Interior decoration embroidery

150 hours | 6600 €*

Specialisation Courses Home

Upholstery specialisation – Interior decoration embroidery

150 hours | 6600 €*

This 150-hour training course makes it possible to attain a professional level in interior decoration embroidery. You will craft a learning piece meticulously selected for the panel of techniques that it addresses. This training course is open to all, beginner and advanced embroiderers alike. However, it is strongly recommended that anyone who is not yet familiar with the Lunéville hook to take a discovery level course beforehand.

Please find bellow the list of the techniques covered in this course.


Applying braid  —   Applying satin  —   Applying satin fleece  —   Barring stitch  —   Beginning stitch  —   Boulogne stitch  —   Bullion stitch  —   Catch stitch  —   Cotton padding  —   Encroaching satin stitch  —   Flat stitch  —   Flat stitch on padding  —   French knot  —   Herringbone stitch  —   Knots in a row  —   Lazy daisy stitch  —   Placement of cup sequins, tubes, sequins, beads  —   Pleated ribbon  —   Ribbon pleating technique  —   Stem stitch  —   Taut thread embroidery à l’épargne  —  

Lunéville  hook

Beginning thread  —   Chain stitch  —   Chain stitch filling  —   Ending thread  —   Lunéville hook braid application  —   Silk riche stitch  —  

An initial encounter makes it possible to propose the course that best corresponds with your project and skill level. A schedule is then tailored to your availabilities and the remaining vacant seats. You are welcomed to one of the classes where you will participate in private group lessons. A teacher, focusing on six students of various levels, will initiate you into various artistic embroidery techniques and follow up on your work and step-by-step progress. A training course may begin at any time of year. The courses are either given in French or English, and are held Monday to Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. All the courses are valid for one year from the registration date. Courses are given in French; but for foreign students, they are given in English.

* Price including VAT.